Our Story

Take Chances was founded by a few good friends in March of 2013 while on a snowboarding trip. The words take chances were spoken by a lift operator right before heading down the mountain. “Take Chances out there guys.” Those two simple words would have a lasting impression on the founders of Take Chances beyond anyone’s imagination. It literally made us think differently on how to attack life, not just the mountain that day. Take Chances is not and should not be put into a category of headwear. We aren’t related to any specific culture other than life. We want everyone who buys our product or just sees someone wearing it to “Take Chances” in life. Whether it’s stomping a new trick, changing careers, approaching a crush, triathlon, asking for that raise, trying a new hair style. There is no better time than the present to Take Chances, small or big we want you to push yourself. We hope to inspire you to do that as we were inspired to start this movement.

Logo Design 

The Take Chances logo was designed from a sticker created to honor a friend of the founders who passed away in 2008. Tyler, nicknamed Twool, was a funny, lighthearted guy that liked to snowboard, skateboard, joke around and have a good time. Tyler served in the Coast Guard with one of the founders and while stationed in New Jersey, taught the crew how to play the “circle game.” The Twool sticker design included a “T” for Tyler’s first initial and a circle to represent the game that made patrols and long boring watches more entertaining resulting in some great memories. The Take Chances’ founders have incorporated this design by opening the circle to make a “C.” The logo now serves to keep Tyler’s memory alive and remind everyone to live life and Take Chances.